“Top Round” in Los Angeles



Recently, Mister and I made a bee-line for Top Round, a new L.A. restaurant. The reason I was in such a danged tizzy about getting there was the promise of St. Louis style frozen custard.


For those unfamiliar with the stuff, it is one-of-a-kind and beyond good. There are a couple of rival stands in St. Screwy, Fritz’s and Ted Drewes. People tend to be loyal to either one or the other, and when I say loyal, I mean loyal. As in some folks simply will not abide anything except their fave, even if that means being deprived in the meantime. I’ve had both, and I am a loyal Fritz’s gal, through and through. For example, I’ve been to Ted Drewes and simply not ordered anything at all. Why? It’s not Fritz’s, is why.


Anyhoo, when I read we were getting an honest-to-goodness frozen custard joint here in L.A., I couldn’t think of anything else. The fact that Top Round is a roast beef stand to boot was enough to put me over the edge into obsession.


Here’s the deal, y’all: I didn’t take a single photo of the food. And that’s a shame, as that roast beef sammich was as good as any I’ve ever had. Maybe even better. And the “Dirty Fries” were amazing. Yes, they sound crazy, but trust me – you will like crazy!



So after Mister and I had scarfed down our roast beefs, we ordered a Turtle. When my number was called, I approached the counter to find something unrecognizable in the cup before me. My order had been completely screwed up. (I won’t go into how the dude behind the counter told me that was exactly what I had ordered, then looked at the order receipt and saw he had made something completely different from that printed chit. Apologies were made and I accepted.) Once the order was corrected, Mister and I dug in.


I don’t know what to tell you. I guess it’s frozen custard, but it didn’t do a danged thang for me. It sure ain’t no Fritz’s. It’s not even Ted Drewes. But I suppose I shouldn’t have expected it to be either of those things in the first place. And that’s on me.


Will I go back to Top Round? Dear Lord, yes. The roast beef is so good, I can hardly stand it. But – while I can’t speak for Mister – I’ll probably skip dessert next time. I mean, I can’t help it. I’m a Fritz’s girl…