Today I’m helping a friend move. She’s been more than a good friend to me over the years. Helping her feels right. Feeling right is a good thing.


Later, I’ll be attending another friend’s reading. She’s a writer and actress, and tonight she’ll be putting both talents to work. I love seeing people do their thing, and I love that people actually do do their thing. Things. Whatever. I’m looking forward to it.


For some reason, yesterday found me thinking of a friend who once verbally attacked me at a dinner, for no good reason. I didn’t freak out or anything. I just let her express herself and that was it. I thought about it as I drove home on that long ago night, and realized she’d probably been stressed. When I talk to her these days, she’s lovely. Kind. And I’ll never – not even once – bring up that odd night a few years back.


Friends come in all sorts of packages. They’re good for us. That’s why we call them friends. And when they’re not good for us? Well, that’s when we need to let them go.


As for me, today is a good day to have friends. And to be a friend. Friendship is a two-way street, you know. I’m happy to report traffic is moving smoothly in both directions.

The Perfect Blend-ship


“It’s Friendship, Friendship, Just a Perfect Blendship!”


Music and Lyrics by Cole Porter

(1891 – 1964)



A while back, Mister and I were at The Hotel Cafe in Hollywood, listening to Sweet Talk Radio perform their first show in months. It was a grand show, and I experienced exactly what one hopes at a concert: I was lost in it. At some point as I sat there, smiling and enjoying the music, I thought about how those on-stage performers are my friends. And I wondered how such things come to pass.


A reason, a season or a lifetime. Jack Daniels told me about seeing that on a refrigerator magnet, and how it describes friendships. Before he shared that with me, I’d not heard of it. Now, of course, I know just how true it is. I also know we have no idea which category holds our friends, or how long we’ll know those souls.


This summer marked an anniversary for my best friend from childhood. But I didn’t reach out to her, as we’ve gone the way of drifting apart over the last several years. My aging view of the situation is that life has just changed. And because most of the times I’ve called or written have led to no response, I’ve decided to respect her and simply let her be. I didn’t come to this decision lightly or quickly. It took a lot of processing. Because I love her, I’m letting her go. It’s the right thing to do, though not the easiest.


Other friends have moved on, as well. And I’ve not always felt too keen about those losses, either. But when I respect someone, I have to show that respect, even if it means not interacting with them again.


Back to The Hotel Cafe and Sweet Talk Radio… As I sat there, wondering how on earth these two vibrant souls ever became my friends, I remembered: I simply invited them over for dinner. It was a fun, crazy evening. And I got way too drunk. I mean, drunk to the point of them telling me later about things I said that night, things I don’t recall at all. Things I’m happy to not remember. And yet, they’re still my friends. They didn’t hold it against me. I’m amazed by that. I truly am.


A reason, a season, a lifetime. I have no idea how to qualify these two beautiful, charming people. And that’s okay. They’re my friends now. And I get to be their friend now. And to you, dear friends, I say this – with all sincerity: now is enough.

50 Years




Most don’t make it. And of those who do, some are hanging in there for no other reason than not knowing where else to go. Those poor souls aren’t happy, mind you. They’re just, well, staying together.


And then there are a few rare beings who still make each other laugh. Who still enjoy one another’s company. Who still smile. It isn’t that they’ve never felt the sting of life’s pitfalls. It’s just that they’ve chosen to ride out the rough waves. They’ve learned to appreciate the good times, and to ask for more.


Here’s to two such souls. Their example is a blessing. Long may we continue to learn from their love.




Yesterday my friend Gwendlyn came over and helped me in my attempts to unpack and get settled in the new pad. She decided to focus on one area of one room and I have to admit – major progress was made. I was impressed by her focus. I was impressed by her strength. I was impressed by her stamina.


But I think what impressed me most was the way she just dug right in and started working. If I’d paid someone, they wouldn’t have worked as hard as Gwendlyn. That’s friendship, folks. And friendship is a blessing.


I’ll keep plugging away, and Gwendlyn may even make another appearance in the near future. If so, I’ll appreciate the help. Lord knows, she’s already made an impact. On more than just the abode.