“F*@#ing Perfect”



While some of us are obsessing over the upcoming Oscars, movies continue to get made and are released. I came across a trailer for a documentary that is slated to hit theaters next month and I’m already looking forward to it. It’s called “Fucking Perfect” and it’s about chef Sergio Herman and his decision to close his 3-Michelin-Starred restaurant, Oud Sluis, in the Netherlands. As a food dork, I’m naturally drawn to this sort of film. When I watched Chef Herman’s preparation of a small dish near the end of the trailer, I was a goner. Anyone who fails to see Food as Art must be challenged by that dish. And I don’t even know what the heck it is!


But I want it. Yes, I do. And I can’t hardly wait to see this film!




Mister spotted the cover of the most recent issue of Southern Living magazine and he was a goner.


“Can we make this today? Can we? Can we?” he asked. How could I deny those dimples? Answer: I couldn’t. So we checked our supplies then Mister headed out to get a couple of ingredients. Once he returned with the goods, we got to cooking. And the above photo shows the fabulous result. Triple-Chocolate Buttermilk Pound Cake!


Here’s the recipe link. If you try it, let me know how yours turns out. Ours sure was aces.




This past weekend was WEXMAS XVI! What? Not clear on WEXMAS?



WEXMAS is our friend Tiffany’s Armenian White Elephant Christmas Gift Exchange. It is one of the oddest and coolest parties ever and Mister and I are fortunate enough to make the cut.



Some years the recycled gifts are run-of-the-mill. Some years battles ensue over primo gifts. This year’s gifts leaned a bit toward run-of-the-mill, and that was okay.



The food, friends, is always aces. Tiffany prepares an Armenian feast, from scratch. I don’t know what to tell you. I look forward to this food all year and it always, always, always satisfies.



I know Tiff stresses out over putting this party together. There’s a lot of decorating, a lot of cooking, a lot of party stuff to manage.



And for those who live elsewhere, L.A. is a land of flakes. People don’t RSVP, so a hostess is left guessing how much food to prepare and never knows just who might show up. (Even those who do RSVP often don’t show.)



With all the fretting involved, Tiffany has threatened to put an end to WEXMAS. Personally, I understand the temptation.



But I also love attending this party and hope it keeps going. Tiffany really is the Hostess With The Mostest and she is adored. And if this year’s soiree turns out to have been the last, I will be forever grateful to have attended for so long. And to have such a swingin’ friend as Tiff.


Nonsense Food Days



I happened upon this and had to laugh. Okra Awareness Day? Teppanyaki Tuesday? The calendar is pretty good for a giggle.


More importantly, it provides Jack Tripper’s birthday! Who knew?

Human Magnets



Have you ever noticed how we, as human beings, have the fantastic potential to act as magnets for others with similar interests/habits/causes/humor/etc? And has that human magnet potential paid off for you?


I was thinking about this when I realized how many of my friends happen to dork out over food just as much as I. And how many of them can tear it up in the kitchen. As a lover of good food, it makes me deliriously happy when someone else prepares delicious food for me. Happy and grateful. And to sit with that person and enjoy her company to boot?


That, friends, is what they call Good Living.

D-Squared T-Squared – Week 52 and Wrap-Up



For our final creative joint-activity of the year, Mister and I opted for a food project for New Year’s Eve: Goose. For those of you who eat goose each year during the holidays, this may seem like a non-event. But neither Mister nor I had ever prepared a goose before. Hell – I’ve never even eaten goose. Unless you count foie gras, which I should, but don’t.



Anyhoo, we found a recipe and then watched several videos on the YouTuber, after which I felt ready to tackle the bird. (For the record, the only changes we made to the original recipe were 1. adding zest to the salt/pepper mixture spread on the bird and 2. cooking the hell out of the poaching liquid, as there was only fat in the pan after roasting [no pan juices].) And y’all, because cooking does not freak me out, that was it. The goose was not only gorgeous, but also divine. It got rave reviews and I happened to love it.



Now! This marks the end of our weekly, organized-ish D2T2 activities. I won’t claim it was easy to undertake creative endeavors each week. And sometimes we, well, we failed. But all in all, it was a cool experiment. Our right brains were kicked into gear and we tried some things we otherwise wouldn’t. There was photography, painting, food, flipbookits and outings. There were other things, too, and some are still in-process. But if I’m telling the truth, I’m grateful it’s done. I’m also grateful to have done it. I loved working with Mister on projects. That interaction was a new experience for me. And though I practice artistic action fairly regularly, Mister doesn’t always get to. So, to my mind, this was good for him, too. Not only did he get to use his creative muscles, he also got to show just how creative he is. Sadly, not everyone gets to meet the artist within.




So, yes. Drunk-Dial Think-Tank has shut the lights and closed its doors. But it will never really be gone. To misquote Hippocrates, “Ars longa. Vita brevis.” Art is long. Life is short.




True dat, Troy. True dat.

Hello Earth!



Now that my belly is full of lucky black-eyed peas and cornbread, I feel prepared to face this shiny New Year with gusto. I think.


Truth is, I’m no different than I was two days ago, and the world kind of feels the same, too. I’m not a resolution-making gal, so I don’t have that hanging over my head. (Thank goodness.) If I lived in a cave – and I am that kind of gal – I’d probably not even know what day it was. I’d probably not give a second (or first) thought to a whole new calendar. I appreciate the optimism of a New Year, though, and it is that feeling that warms me now.


That and black-eyed pea belly.

Food Love



The holidays are nearing their end and though I’m looking forward to laying off the booze and eating a boatload of salads, I have been enjoying the excess and beauty of food love over the last few weeks.


One of the highlights in our home has been UseRealButter’s Savory Bread Pudding. We made this for dinner one night (along with a simple green salad) and were blown away by how good it was. After that, leftovers were enjoyed at breakfast until it was gone. Actually, to say it was “enjoyed” is a gross understatement. We friggin’ loved this stuff. As recipes go, this one’s definitely a keeper.


As the UseRealButter chick did such a magnificent job blogging the recipe, I’m just sending you to her post (versus blogging it myself). And I realize you probably could have used this recipe earlier, when you had a houseful of guests, but take my advice and simply file it away for next time. Or do what Mister and I did, and make it for yourself. The leftovers are divine. And don’t you deserve that?


Yes. You do.





Yesterday I happened to be in a familiar part of West Hollywood and knew what I needed to do: Buy Wine!


I stopped in to visit the fellas at Du Vin and just like every other time I’ve been there, they hooked me up. They keep files on frequent buyers (ahem) and can refer to it to aid in procuring bottles for us. As much as I like wine, my knowledge is only in the so-so range. And European wines? I know nothing. And picking pretty labels doesn’t always pan out. So I turned to the knowledgeable staff at Du Vin and let them do the choosing for me. All I had to do was give them an all-in price limit and they did the rest. Beautiful!


And now our wine fridge is well-stocked for a while. Or at least through the New Year’s celebrations. Cheers!

Everywhere You Go…



This was the scene at Krispy Kreme yesterday. Snowman Doughnuts!


Everywhere you go, holiday stuff abounds. And I love it. I know it started before Halloween, and that some of us are getting more than a little tired of it. But we’re approaching the end of this holiday season, so enjoy it while ye may.


At Krispy Kreme, I certainly enjoyed it.