Fall on Me. Please!



It’s been hot and muggy and if I lived some other place, I’d swear we were in for a tornado or something creepy like that.


But I don’t live some other place. I live in L.A. and summer has been holding on for dear life, desperately trying to keep autumn at bay. That hasn’t worked, of course, as today is the first day of autumn, no matter how hot it is.


Part of my soul struggles a bit this time of year. I expect signs of fall. Like crisp days and yellow leaves. I expect to need a sweater now and then. I expect these things and I miss them, as they’re simply not part of my Los Angeles experience. I’ve spoken to folks who grew up here, and they’re mostly fine with what passes for autumn in these parts. Sure – it’s warmer than it used to be, but L.A. natives never knew football weather growing up. For them, all is well.


Mister and I have lived here for decades now, and I suppose I should try to let go of my childhood dependency on season changes. If that’s even possible, I mean. Because maybe I’ll always feel a bit out of place when autumn rolls around. Maybe I’ll always feel out of step with nature.


Maybe I should just learn to love the damned palm trees. I can try, but I’m not making any promises.

Going Out In Style



I don’t know how you toasted summer’s unofficial close (or if you did at all), but Mister and I went out in style. We made a few rounds of Aperol Spritz. (Spritzes? Spritz-i?)


Whatever. The toasting was supreme and really served to send summer on its way. I no longer felt sad about the change of season, and I even got a little excited for fall. Considering how much I’ve loved summer, I’d say that’s a big deal.


And that Aperol Spritz will have to do, as we’re now all out of Aperol (spritz recipe on the bottle). Oh, well. Time to start thinking about autumn drinks, I suppose. Any ideas?

Because I’m Frugal



It finally slipped below 80 degrees here in Los Angeles (it even rained, yo), so I pulled out my boots. And when I did, I thought about how long I’ve had this particular pair of boots. And how they’ve had a face-lift during their tenure with me.


They used to be a pale camel color. And I loved them. For years.


But then I didn’t love them as much. I don’t know what happened, I just wasn’t vibing on their color anymore. But I kept them, because I’m cheap.


Actually, I’m frugal. So I took them there boots to my local cobbler (everyone’s got one, right?) and asked if he could dye them. And you know what? He could, and did.


Now I love the color and I was more than happy to pull them out of summer storage and stomp around in them. I love fall. And these boots were made for wearing.

Rain, I Mean Fall, I Mean Rain…



It rained yesterday and last night and I was quite happy about it.


It cooled the air. It washed my car. I got to wear a sweater, and a hat.


It won’t last, but I sure do love it.

Finally, I’m Falling…



After a long, hot summer, after sweating out of my eyeballs, after feeling like Los Angeles had been somehow transported to the equator, Fall has fallen.


The weather is just plain gorgeous and I haven’t turned the A/C on for days. I can’t tell you how much I love this time of year. And how happy I am to be experiencing it. Finally.


Please don’t let me be jinxing the weather by writing this. Please don’t let me be jinxing the weather. Please don’t let me be jinxing the weather…

When Will Fall Fall on L.A.?



This crazy L.A. weather is taking its toll, friends. I keep wondering, when will fall fall on us here? Soon, I hope.


If it’s already fall where you live, I’m jealous, jealous, jealous! But I’m not so jealous that I wouldn’t love to hear about your autumnal weather and favorite things about the season. In other words, share please!