This is the 4th day of Dry-uary for Mister and me. We’ve been doing this for a few years now and it’s okie dokie. We don’t drink (or do anything else, ahem) the entire month and in the end, our livers thank us. For the most part, we stick with it. There have been a few times when an emergency shot of bourbon was necessary – for medicinal purposes of course – but that’s about it. It sounds boring, I know, but I really do feel better after January. And then I’m a freaking light-weight! Bonus!


Enjoy This Lifepg


I saw this sidewalk graffiti yesterday while out walking. I tend to the optimistic side of things, but always appreciate when the world reminds me where my bread is buttered.


I also had my first Elvis sighting of the year yesterday. Now I see Elvis quite often at the grocery store. (We shop the same aisles, don’t you know.) But this was an entirely different part of town and an entirely different Elvis. The King’s birthday is next week, so I’ll keep an eye out for him around town. You never know.


Aside from that, I salute this day. I want to celebrate it, to honor it, to enjoy it. Today is my life. And it is good.

The King, Baby



Today is the birthday of Mr. Elvis Presley. Honestly – I don’t know why I put this in my calendar every year. I mean, I know it’s a sentimental holdover from childhood, but how long can that last? At what point will I stop writing Elvis’ birthday in the calendar? When will I decide to let go?


Not this year, clearly. And I tell you something – I am happy to remember Elvis today, and to celebrate him. That guy brought a lot of joy to my childhood. One of many reasons they call him The King.




The other morning, Mister and I were smack-dab in the middle of our P90X workout when I realized that for a particular weight-lifting exercise, I was getting into an Elvis pose. That itty-bitty thought made me giggle, which made the workout a bit easier. (Laughter – it does a body good.)


Later that afternoon, I was standing in a grocery store check-out queue when I spotted a tabloid headline saying something to the effect that Elvis had been murdered. I was checking out the tabloid’s coffin photo of The King when I noticed a gentlemen in line beside me.


His clothes were nice but nondescript. The only interesting thing about his attire was the way his collar was turned up. He was a slight man, his full height barely reaching an inch or so above my shoulder. And he was elderly. But none of that was worth noting. What was worth a second look was the man’s hair: it was a full-on Elvis wig. And that thing wasn’t fancy, no sir. No spendy human hair there. It was made of plastic doll hair, pitch black and a little matted in spots. When I stole a peek at the sideburns, I could see the glue on his cheeks, holding them in place. More than one clerk addressed him by name, so he’s surely a regular. No one said a word about his get-up. Instead, he kept trying to talk football with someone. It was all I could do to keep my mouth shut and not say I’d watched the weekend’s games. But I didn’t open my pie-hole. I just let the old dude finish his shopping and take his leave.


Sometimes I have odd magnetic days like that. I’ll have something particular dancing around on my brain, and before you know it I’ll have run into that very thought in multiple manifestations out in the world. It’s just something that happens, and if there’s a greater meaning in it, I’ve yet to understand.


As for this week’s Elvis wave, all I can say to the Universe is ThankYou, ThankYouVeryMuch.

“Heartbreak Hotel” and Something Completely Different



I’m up to the seventh track on Love & Honesty. And that song is “Heartbreak Hotel.”


Yes, this is that “Heartbreak Hotel.” No, it sounds nothing like his version. My version is haunting. Slow. It is, I feel, reflective of the song’s lyrics.


Because I didn’t write this and I’ve only licensed the song, I’m not offering it as a free download this month. But don’t cry tears in your beer just yet! I encourage you to head on over to AmazonCDBaby or iTunes and give it a brief listen. If it speaks to you, buy the durned thang!


Still, haven’t we had a lovely free-download-thing going, lo these many months? And free is good, no? Yes! So I’m offering up something you can ONLY get here. It isn’t on any CDs. Folks, it isn’t available elsewhere in the known universe. (How’s that for fancy!) It’s called “Will You Stand For Me?” and its inception was a bit odd…


Several years ago, “American Idol” called on songwriters to pen what would end up being sung by that season’s winner on the show’s finale. Mister encouraged me to give it a shot, so I locked myself in a room for a while and came up with “Will You Stand For Me?” Then I threw my tune into the ring, along with about a jillion other songwriters. Alas, I did not rank. At all. Not even a little bit. And this song went unheard – until now.


It was an interesting exercise, writing this. And I enjoyed producing the recording. It’s a simple and rough demo, to be sure. But there’s something about it that makes me happy. I can’t put my finger on it, nor my eardrums for that matter, but it’s there. I hope you like it, too. And I hope you tell all your friends, pets, family, neighbors and others to download it for themselves.


Not necessarily in that order, of course. But you knew that.


By the way, happy September.