Happy Easter



For those who find religious meaning in today, forgive me. For in this day, I find Ham.


And I shall be eating ham today, and loving it. Trying a new recipe. We’ll see what happens.


No matter how you choose to spend your day, I hope it’s grand.

How It Went Down



A few days ago I told you I was recovering from a late-night Easter outing. Here’s how it went down…


I received an invite from my friend, DJ Lance Rock. He was having a birthday blow-out. I told Mister I was so honored to have been invited, I just had to go. No matter that the soiree didn’t begin until 9 pm. (That’s right – 9 o’clock-o – at night.) Mister said he expected to have early Monday morning work commitments, and that he’d better beg off attending. I understood and asked my friend Betro is she was game. Because she’s awesome, she said yes.



Now – I had an Easter dinner commitment that lasted until about 8 pm. Once that wrapped up, I headed home and changed clothes jiffy-quick and put on some glitter eyeliner. (Because that’s how I do.) I drove to pick up Betro and we headed to Downtown Los Angeles.


For the record, DJ Lance Rock and I went to the same high school. A couple of years later, we both worked at Streetside Records in St. Louis. I’ve been to a jillion concerts with Lance and his friendship was terribly important to me during some rough years. I have smiley photos of him at Mister’s and my wedding and to this day, when I think of him – I smile. However, I do admit that we’ve grown apart. Each of us goes about, living our lives, and our paths rarely cross. It happens. It doesn’t diminish my affection for Lance, though. Not one bit.



Anyhoo – once we arrived downtown, Betro and I snagged rock-star-parking (something that seems to happen a lot when we’re together). Then we made our way into the old factory building and followed the music upstairs. The joint had been transformed and it was awesome. “Beyond the Valley of the Dolls” was playing on a couple of giant screens and the DJ was really crushing it. It didn’t take long for one brave soul to kick off the dancing (not it) and after a while, Betro and I joined in. Between songs, we talked with DJ Lance Rock and snapped a few pics with him. After noticing we’d crossed the mark of midnight, Betro and I started planning our exit.


We didn’t say goodbye to Lance, as he seemed to be having a great time. Betro and I danced toward the door and down the stairs and made our way across the deserted street to our car. There was no traffic (duh), so we got back to our ‘hood pretty quickly. I dropped Betro off and drove the short distance to the homey. I went in to wash my face and brush my teeth, and noticed the clock: 1:04 am.



Earlier that day, a couple of friends asked if I seriously planned to leave my house at 9 pm. They couldn’t believe I was willing to go out at the time when most of my peers are settling down for the evening – especially on a school night. I didn’t know how to respond then, but I’m clearer on everything now. There are some people in life who really matter. And for those few souls, you show up. You just do. And you always will. For me, DJ Lance Rock is one of those souls. And I’m grateful I know him.



And another thing – I’ll tell you what I wrote in his birthday card: There is no such thing as too much happiness. No truer words, friends. No truer words.

Easter Sunday



Somewhere in the North Georgia Hills, about a jillion relatives are getting together for the annual Easter celebration. Assuming the weather is sweet, there will be a softball game and a gi-normous egg hunt. And no matter what the weather decides to be, there will be more good food than most decent folks can imagine. Mmm…


Anyhoo, here in SoCal, Mister and I will be thinking of the fam in Georgia. We won’t be eating nearly as much as if we were in the South. But we will kick back and enjoy the day. Maybe nosh a little too much. Probably enjoy the beautiful Spring weather.


Here’s hoping your day is lovely, no matter where you are.

Happy Easter!



For those of you who will be in church, for those of you who will be searching for beautifully-colored eggs, for those of you who will be at family reunions, for those of you who will be doing absolutely nothing at all…


Happy Easter! It doesn’t matter how you choose to spend your day, just make it a good one. After all, it’s the only April 20th of the entire year.

Happy Easter!



Easter makes me think of Spring. I am reminded of azaleas and dogwoods, daffodils and crocuses. And thinking of these things makes me very, very happy.


Even if you don’t celebrate Easter, I hope you find a little space to celebrate Spring. It’s sprung, people. And it’s beautiful.

Easter Weekend Belly




As I recover from this amazing weekend, I am aware of my need for stretchy pants. I haven’t felt this way since my last trip to Italy…


Saturday: a 10-course (!), 4-hour (!) extravaganza at a French restaurant. Did someone say “wine pairing” to boot? Yes, someone did say that.


Sunday: a table full of fabulous food, covering all imaginable Spring and Easter bases. Did someone say “mimosas”? Yes, someone did.


If you see me waddling down the street, huffing and puffing my way back to health, throw me a wave and some good vibes. This Weeble needs all the Wuv she can get.

Easter Sundays Past





So many traditions are centered around holidays. Growing up, my family gathered in the north Georgia country at a Webb family member’s home for not only Easter, but also a reunion. It moved around a bit, and I suppose that was based on the elder matriarch and ability to host. With time, that changed, as this reunion has been taking place for almost (if not fully) a hundred years.


My father didn’t care for my mother’s side of the family (and she reciprocated in kind), so we didn’t go to this reunion every year. Actually I only remember a few of those gatherings from my childhood. As an adult, Mister and I attended probably the same number. But when you divorce someone in your family, as I have, sacrifices are often made. The reunion has been a sacrifice. But that’s not my point.


My point is this: Easter holds tremendous memories for me. Many are from those family reunions. There was my great aunt Nelle (third from the left), who has now passed…



Growing up, she was nicknamed “Beauty” and I believe it. Caroldyne is on the far left. She’s the only sister still with us. She is now the matriarch.



And that’s an interesting thing about my family. There have been strong men, to be sure. But the women! With few exceptions, the women have been mighty! And gorgeous. These women are the reason I choose to age naturally. I mean, look at them!


I do miss the family reunions. I miss the food. (Good Lord! The food!) I miss going to the country church and hearing the choir’s Easter Cantata. (But that ended years ago, after the youth of that tiny church immersed themselves in American Idol and decided they could do better. I only witnessed that once, and they did not do better than the choir, folks.) I miss the gi-normous egg hunt, where children look for Easter eggs…



…and adults look for money eggs. It’s a really big deal!



I miss the softball game, where I have witnessed 80-year-olds swinging bats and running bases better than I ever have. I miss Nelle calling the cows — Hoo-Hoo! I miss traipsing off into the woods to visit the little house…



And I miss being in the country, with the family I adore.



I may not always spread my wings, but I surely have them. It’s times like Easter, though, when I miss my roots. Whether this day holds religious significance for you or not, I hope it finds you in the soft greens of spring, building your own roots, stretching your own wings, making your own traditions. Happy Easter.