You Get What You Need



L.A. can be hard. She teases and she tortures. She promises and she robs. She doesn’t always see your worth, and she sure as hell doesn’t always give you what you want.



But every now and then, in spite of herself, L.A. gives you what you need. And so it was the other day, as Mister and I strolled around a part of the city not everyone gets to see: DreamWorks Animation studio. We were there, writing welcome letters to athletes participating in the upcoming Special Olympics Games. After we’d dropped off our letters, we strolled around the grounds and got ourselves an eyeful of nature. It really was beautiful and I felt wonderfully calm after our walk. Nature will do that to you.



Living in Los Angeles, I don’t always get what I want. But more often than not, I do get what I need. This week’s dose of nature fit that bill perfectly.

Free Is Good



Here’s a little advice for anyone visiting Los Angeles: if someone offers you free tickets to the Hollywood Bowl, just say yes! Don’t base your decision on the program. Don’t ask where the seats are located. The program doesn’t matter! The seats don’t matter! Well, those things do matter, but you’re gonna end up liking it anyway. So do yourself a favor and take those free tickets. Free is good! (By the way, Mister would advise you to rent seat cushions after arriving at the Bowl. That guy gets 2 per person and I have to admit, my butt and back truly appreciate his way of living.)


Anyhoo, a few days ago Mister and I ended up at the Bowl for a cool show. Before the festivities began, there was time for relaxing and dinner. Mister and I had a picnic of lobster salad and a lovely rosé.



“Dreamworks Animation In Concert: 20 Years!” celebrated the animated films of that studio, released over the last 20 years, just as the name implied. As various clips were played on the screens throughout the bowl, the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra performed pieces from each film’s soundtrack. Jack Black emceed the show and he was so good that I told Mister I’d love to have him emcee any event in my life. I mean it. Imagine how awesome it would be to have Jack Black singing, “Next we have appetizers!” Love him or hate him, the guy did a fantastic job.



As the sun set over the hillside, I looked around and thought about how beautiful the night was. People were happy. The music was pitch perfect. The air was cool. The laughter was plentiful. In short, it was a stunning Los Angeles night.



Like I said, don’t ever turn down free tickets to the Hollywood Bowl, y’all. It’s about as L.A. as you can get.