Too Many Turkeys


Turkey Day Table


Last year at about this time, I was at the grocery store, near the dairy case, when I overheard a grown woman yelling at the grown man by her side: ”Because Bob! You don’t get to tell people where to buy their food!” Bob looked fairly unfazed. He also looked unconvinced. I’m not sure what had preceded the bit of conversation I heard, but it didn’t look like their Thanksgiving week was off to a good start. And it sure didn’t look like Bob was gonna be happy with whatever it was someone would be bringing to his table.


That little run-in said it all really. The holidays are here. Some folks are overjoyed. Some folks are overwhelmed. This time of year can be tough. Maybe there’s no getting around that, but I like to think Bob’s route isn’t the only way to get over the river and through the woods. I mean – wouldn’t it be nice if we could just set aside the drama? Wouldn’t it be lovely if we just broke bread together instead of breaking spirits? And if we really just don’t like someone (whether they’re family or not), do we honestly have to spend time with them?


As Turkey Day approaches, I wish you peace. I wish the same for Bob. And I wish the same for myself, too. Trust me – we deserve it. Gobble, gobble.




Mister and I saw “Whiplash” a few nights ago and I’m still reeling.


I liked this film – a lot. It is beautifully shot and the acting blew me away. Miles Teller is a bright kid. I look forward to watching the arc of his career. And J.K. Simmons? I had no idea the guy could do this. The story and the characters have remained with me. I’m telling you these sunshine-y thoughts now, before I go off on a tangent…


Yowza! This had to have been one of the most tense movie-going experiences in recent memory. I was so clenched during this film, I nearly lifted the seat cushion with my butt when it was over. Not only that, my body actually began to cramp from the drama. For reals! And remember – I really liked this one!


I have no idea if folks will give this film a chance. I mean, it’s about Jazz for cry-eye. Not a lot of people swing that way. But it’s also about life. And humanity. And dreams. And drive. And it is presented beautifully. Painfully, yes. And beautifully.


I’m hoping “Whiplash” gets some attention during awards season. Personally, I can’t forget it.