Christmas TARDIS




One of my favorite Christmas rituals is setting up the Doctor Who display. There’s a TARDIS, with a blinking light; a Cyberman; a Dalek; K-9; Sarah Jane Smith; and, of course, The Doctor. I’ve had the grouping for years, but haven’t unpacked it since 2011. I’ve missed it.


Even though the 3rd Doctor was my first (as in he was The Doctor I encountered when I first started watching the show), the 4th Doctor is my fave. I’m not alone in this feeling. Loads of people love Tom Baker as The Doctor. That’s the incarnation I have, so my little collection of Doctor Who figures makes me super happy.


You know what else makes me happy? Typing this while enjoying a Christmas Guinness. What’s a Christmas Guinness you ask? It’s a Guinness consumed while wearing a Santa hat. Duh. Sometimes I can’t believe I have to educate you about these things.


“The Librarians”



Recently I saw an ad for a TNT show – “The Librarians.” The 2nd season just started and for some reason, I missed this show last year during its 1st season. I thought I’d give it a try, but didn’t really expect it to take. I mean, I thought there might be potential, but then again… You know what I’m saying?


Anyhoo – I’ve now watched the entire 1st season and I’m a smitten kitten for this one. It has elements of “Doctor Who,” Harry Potter and “Friday the 13th: The Series.” I don’t want to say it’s like any of those, it just reminds me of them all. And one more thing: It has heart. Don’t get me wrong. I haven’t cried or anything while watching the show. But I have smiled and I’ve shaken my head in wonder when they’ve gotten key moments so very right. I can’t vouch for any of the math or science referenced in the episodes, but that’s not the point. The point is to be entertained. And I have been.


So I’m glad I gave this one a shot. And now I plan to start the 2nd season, which I’ll no doubt catch up on soon. It makes me happy to have a new show to follow, especially one with a sci-fi/fantasy slant. I can hardly wait to see what happens next.

Doctor Who House



Mister and I were getting some exercise recently and we passed by a house with a Doctor Who TARDIS Tent in its yard.


I don’t often run into Doctor Who stuff out in the world. I am seeing more bumper stickers when driving, bumper stickers that show drivers’ affection for The Doctor. That’s fun. But the TARDIS tent? In someone’s yard? That was flippin’ cool.


By the way, I have a Doctor Who coffee mug that holds my pens on my desk. I’ve had that thing for 30 years. It was acquired at a Doctor Who convention and I plan to keep it forever. I hope the TARDIS tent’s owners are as fond of their treasure as I am of mine.

Fireplace Face – Update



The other day I shared a bit about Fireplace Face. Things have progressed, friends. And though I’m not going to tell you the particulars of Fireplace Face’s progress (not right now anyway), I am going to tell you about my clumsy ass and how Fireplace Face got me good.


As Mister and his Daddy were working on getting rid of  Fireplace Face, I thought I’d do my fair share and haul some of the demo debris out to the curb. We had foolishly thought we could use a very fine trash bin furnished by the city of Los Angeles as our debris transport. We had also foolishly packed the lower half of said very fine trash bin with lightweight refuse. Then we loaded the top half of the bin with heavy bricks and cement. Next came the moment of my very good intention. I foolishly pulled the bin toward me, to tilt it up on its wheels. And that’s when it happened.


The top-heavy bin weighed more than me, and that thing wasn’t about to play. As soon as it was on its wheels, the bin decided to just keep going and it flipped right over on top of me, taking me down in the process. I was pinned beneath it and all that rubble.


Inside the new pad, Mister and his Daddy were using an electric demolition hammer to break up Fireplace Face. That thang was loud, y’all. So no one heard me fall. No one heard me calling for help. I had a couple of minutes lying there, waiting for a break in the demo hammer’s din, to calm myself and focus. When the racket did die down, I called out and help arrived shortly after. I was rattled and bruised but nothing was broken. My left knee is pretty banged up, but that’s the worst of it (and it will heal). It could have been so much worse, but wasn’t. Isn’t.


Here’s the funny thing about being in an accident: if you can see it coming, it goes in slow motion. When that trash bin began falling on me, life slowed. I had ample time to brace myself for the fall. Time to figure out where best to fall. Time to protect my head from falling bricks.


I don’t understand the physics of bending time. I flippin’ love Doctor Who and the T.A.R.D.I.S., but I still don’t have a clue as to how any of it works. But I don’t have to understand it to tell you how it went down.


It went down slowly.


More to come…