Bubye 2018


Bubye 2018


Most people I know are ready to toss 2018 into the wood chipper. Here in the States, among people with a modicum of integrity, the past year is viewed for the poo-show it was. Good riddance.


But there were glimmers of vitality and joy. Just the other night I danced my ass off and that was definitely a highlight. Not only that, but when I sat and watched other party-goers tear up the dance floor, I felt a joy bubble burst in my brain hole and just about smiled myself to death.


Rodin at the Norton Simon Museum


I saw amazing art, locally…


4th Day_Hyde Park_Christo and a Queens Swan


and abroad.


Sunset in December


The Los Angeles sunsets brought ridiculous awe and wonder to my front door. Thank you smog!


Bentley My Lover Dog


I got to visit with a dog I adore. Only this time he decided to show his love for me by going to town on my leg. As this is very uncommon for this well-behaved soul, I think his affection may be due to a past-life experience. Maybe Bentley and I were lovers in another time. I do hail from white trash, so maybe there’s some dog in my lineage. Whatever the reason, it was unexpected and not cool, dog.


Desert Respite


Mister and I had a desert respite. It was fun and restful and beautiful and we got to see dear friends. Win-win, y’all.


Blindfold Puzzle


While in the desert, I witnessed my friend SJ assemble a puzzle while blindfolded. Yep. She discerned which side of each piece was up while blindfolded. She separated side and interior pieces while blindfolded. Then she put the mutha together and it didn’t take very long. I love this gal for a lot of reasons. And now I love her even more.


Beer Advent Finished


Mister and I finished our Beer Advent Calendar, and we had a blast doing it. All those German beers were a treat. And the cans look so amazing on the mantel. As we don’t live in a frat house, they’ll be coming down today, however. That’s alright. We enjoyed them while they lasted.


I got through the first draft of part two of the book I’m writing, and as my goal was to get it out of my head before the year’s end, I’m feeling pretty good about that. Miles to go, of course, but still. Sometimes baby steps are incredibly fulfilling.


Mikki and Lorinda 2003


I also reconnected with someone I love more than butter. If you know a soul who seems to be part of the fiber of your being, then you can appreciate how I feel about this chick. She’s woven into me. It’s as simple and as complicated as that. Gratitude abounds.


2018 was a janky year, I won’t deny. But there were moments that stood out, moments that made a difference. And I want to do all I can to make even more stand-out moments come to life this year. It won’t be easy, y’all. My country is still being slowly destroyed by the worst president in history. Jackasses around the globe are discriminating against human souls in more ways than I can comprehend. Our environment seems to be dying. And don’t get me started on gender issues. Honestly – it’s enough to break a person. I know a few folks who have fallen so deeply into depression that they may not make it back. I’m not kidding. That’s heartbreaking.


But! I’m not ready to give up. In fact, I’m just getting started. You want a piece of me, 2019? Bring it on. I’m your worst nightmare – a Club 50, optimistic, brave, excited creator. And I’m about to make this year my bitch. Here we go…


Happy New Year!


Hello, Sticky!



Now that Los Angeles is becoming more and more desert-like, I’m starting to see more and more lizards. To that I say, Hello, Sticky!


This not-so-little guy was hanging outside the back door, waiting for someone to open up and give him a primo opportunity to come inside. I don’t blame him. It’s been hot. But if I can work outside and manage to walk all over the danged place in the heat, Sticky can manage, too. At least that’s what I told him. I don’t think he cared much for my bossiness, as he gave me the finger, then walked away.


I’m only  half-kidding about that finger business. I’m fairly certain I saw this little guy flip me off. For reals.

Thoughts on the Desert



I’ve never thought of myself as being much of a desert girl. I’m not fond of excessive heat. I don’t care for scrubby vegetation. And I burn easily. To be perfectly honest, most of my desert exposure has been to less-than-attractive locales. This is merely my opinion, mind you, but I’m the one typing so there.


Time with friends in Scottsdale, Arizona is now challenging my thoughts on the desert. It’s gorgeous there. Even the wildest acreage appears to be part of some perfect Hollywood set. And while it can get hotter than Satan’s butt-hole, there is plenty of conditioned air. Each time I’m there (as I was over the weekend), I find myself drawn to it. Maybe it’s the tonal quality and the lines and angles. I’m not sure. It doesn’t hurt that Mister and I are always in the company of dear friends when we’re in Scottsdale. I’m fairly certain that plays a part in my positive view of the desert. How could it not? All I know is at the end of each trip, as we cross the state line into the California desert, I snap back into my disdain for the terrain and count the hours until Los Angeles is on the horizon.


Maybe I’ll never be a desert girl. That’s okay. Maybe someday I’ll be a Scottsdale Desert girl. Probably not, but you never know. For now – I’ll take glimpses and visits. It’s enough, and it’s good.

The Great Dork



Note: All photos courtesy of Scottsdale Segway Tours.


When Mister and I were in the desert a few weeks ago, we and our friends went on a most unexpected outing. As I’m not a liar, I’ll tell you what we did. We went on a Segway tour of Old Town Scottsdale, Arizona. Because this had been discussed in advance, I knew exactly which t-shirt to pack: “The Great Dorks” band shirt from a few Rock Camps back.



After a short tutorial, we were all proficient enough on the Segways to start the tour. As the vehicles max out at about 12 miles per hour, speed wasn’t a fear factor. And the organizers of Scottsdale Segway Tours have agreements with the city that allow their clients to move en masse through town, so getting around was easy and safe.



I fully expected the tour to be interesting, but I had no idea how much friggin’ fun it would be! Scottsdale is absolutely gorgeous, y’all. Its landscaping is beautifully maintained and there’s an abundance of art in its public spaces. During the course of the tour – which was quite informative – we were told the city’s planners wrote in a provision for taxes to beautify, artify and maintain the city. That’s thinking ahead, friends, and it has truly paid off.



The 12 members of our tour group tooled around for a little more than an hour, zigging and zagging all over the place. And when the tour was over, I was actually sad. Because I’d been smiling so much, I should have had bugs in my teeth. I can tell you honestly that the Segway tour was awesome and I highly recommend it! And though I have nothing to compare this particular company with, I do suggest seeking out Scottsdale Segway Tours if you’re in the area and want to have a different, fun experience. Just book it and show up. No “Great Dorks” t-shirts required.


Desert Nature



Mister and I spent last weekend in the desert of Arizona. And it was fabulous. The foliage was in bloom and the wildlife was teeming. I guess you never know what you’ll encounter in the desert.



Outside our door, we found this nest of baby birds. Their mama was hilarious, and would swoop over us like a bat each time we entered or exited the room. Her bird-cry almost sounded like “Move! Move!” She was just doing her job, and those little birds were darned cute.



One morning I awoke and looked outside the window. I saw this little bunny, nibbling on the foliage. Much like the baby birds, this baby bunny was also darned cute.


And then there was the evening we spotted another bit of desert nature. This time the specimen was alert and aware of our presence. He even posed for us when we lifted our camera. No doubt about it, that baby dude ranked high on the cute meter, too…



Like I said, you never know what you’ll encounter in the desert.

“Devil A Ride”


This month’s free download from Love & Honesty is “Devil A Ride“…



Somewhere outside Las Vegas, heading south on I-15, there’s a sign that reads “Prison Area – Do Not Pick Up Hitchhikers.”


Mister and I were driving to Vegas from Denver. It had been a long day, and the last shift behind the wheel belonged to me. We passed that sign and the creative gears started spinning. The freeway became a dusty, desolate desert road. Our modern auto became an old, beat-up Plymouth. With fins. AM radio. No a/c.


It was a visual experience, and the soundtrack was immediate: “Sign says, ‘No Hitchhiking,’ but you don’t pay it any heed…”


I asked Mister to grab my notebook and write down some lines for me. He found an envelope. It would have to do. And it did.


It’s hard for me to tell you how much I care for this song. Maybe it’s because I’d had the line “If you give the devil a ride, you can be damn sure he’s gonna wanna drive” in my back pocket for a few years. Maybe it’s because the writing was such a visual experience. Maybe it’s because it was the first recording I ever produced solo.


Whatever the reason, I love this song. It’s dark. It’s sticky. It’s ominous. And it’s true. We can’t give control to someone we don’t trust, then expect to wrest that power back. Life doesn’t work that way. We need to trust our instincts. Our guts. Always.


Once, a few years before writing this song, my old car was acting up and in need of a specific part. It was still running, but I had a mechanic looking for that part as it wasn’t gonna hold much longer. Anyway, I had just parked the old gal at Starbucks and was walking in when a handsome, well-dressed dude approached me. He said he liked my car and asked the usual questions (year, miles, etc.). He then told me he had an old car like mine up on blocks, that he used for selling parts. He said I should give him my number, so that he could check in, in case I ever needed something. I said I was switching phones (yeah, right), and that I’d happily take his number. He pulled out a card and gave it to me, and he shook my hand in the process. Friends, it was a “Dead Zone” moment: during the shaking of his hand, I felt extreme darkness and fear in the very center of my body. He let go of my hand, smiled and walked away.


I turned and went into the store and immediately tossed his card in the nearest garbage bin. On that day, the devil walked.