Heads or Tails



Today is World Pasta Day and I’d like to celebrate that, as I really love me some pasta.


Today is also my Patty’s birthday and I’d like to celebrate that, as I really love me some Patty. And some cake.


Tonight is the first game of the World Series. I’d like to root, root, root for the Cleveland Indians, as they’ve been my team for over 20 years. Then again, I’d like to root, root, root for the Chicago Cubs, because come on! Who doesn’t love the Cubbies?


If I were a better me, I’d make a damned decision and stick with it. I could at least flip a coin or something. But I’m not a better me. I’m a me me. That probably means I’ll end up eating nachos, forgetting to call Patty, and go to painting class and miss the first game of the World Series altogether.


Note to self: get your shit together, girl! Dag!

Do The Right Thing




Some days (okay – weeks, months, years), I’m not sure what to do. My inability to make decisions can end up leaving me uncomfortably still, doing nothing at all. This is no way to live, friends. I should know: I’m in the midst of one of these indecisive periods right now. Can you say R-U-T?


Anyhoo, the other day I was out riding my bike. I guess school was letting out that afternoon, as there were kids walking every which way at an intersection. A police officer was there, working as a crossing guard. As I approached the corner, I dismounted my bike and started walking across the street. The officer turned to me and thanked me with so much energy, I almost expected him to hug me.


It was a simple moment, I know. But it made an impression. It would have been a lot easier just to ride through that intersection, ignoring the traffic sign (which is, I cannot lie, what I usually do). But that’s not the way it went down. I may struggle with the big decisions in life. I may not know who, how or what to be.  But I can still choose to do the right thing, no matter how small. And as long as I can do that – and know it – I’ll be okay. Really.


After the police officer thanked me for walking my bike at the intersection, I looked at him and said, “Well, you gotta do the right thing in front of the kids.” He smiled and went back to his duties. As for me, I walked my bike across the street and then resumed my ride.


Like I said, it was a simple moment.