Dead or Alive’s Pete Burns – RIP



A couple of days ago, on Sunday, Pete Burns – lead singer of “Dead or Alive” – passed away of a massive heart attack. He was 57.


For anyone who wasn’t an 80s music freak, Burns’ name or band name may not be ringing any bells. Still, I’m guessing most folks have heard “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)” as it was their biggest hit. For me, “Cake and Eat It” was the best. I still love that one. A close second was “Brand New Lover.”


I know Pete Burns ended up being known for other things (plastic surgery, “Celebrity Big Brother”), but for me, I’ll always picture him as he was in the 80s: beautiful. And I’ll always love hearing him sing “Cake and Eat It.” Always.

Dead or Alive – A Fun Friday Guessing Game!



Two dogs. One Floor.


Only one of these pooches is alive, as in breathing. With a heartbeat. The other is quite dead, as in stuffed. No nothing.


I confess, I’ve been fooled by the dead one more than once. In fact, that dog has gotten me so many times, I now just greet the lifeless form each time I see it. For some reason, that seems to make it easier for me to be around it. Him. For it was once a he.


Any guesses as to which is dead and which is alive? Absolutely no prizes offered!