Spring Forward and All That Crap



Tonight (technically tomorrow morning) is when most of the world will set our clocks forward one hour for Daylight Saving Time (DST). I’ve done this my entire life, and haven’t thought much about it. Other than to miss that hour of sleep I’m about to lose. Jeez.


Yesterday I read of a few studies linking health risks to DST and those reports are bummers. I don’t need any extra interference with my circadian  rhythms. My sleep cycles are delicate enough. And while the above-referenced article states that most folks adjust to DST after a short time, some of us take a wee bit longer. I know from experience that my sleep habits can be thrown off by weeks after the switch to DST.


But I don’t mean to be a total downer here. There are some good things that come from this time of year. More light at the end of the day. Spring, for cry-eye (on Sunday, 20 March). And Tomatomania is coming up in a week, too. At least for me. So I won’t lie – I love this time of year. But giving up that hour of sleep? Dag.

Spring Forward



Today marks the first day of Daylight Saving Time. I don’t usually mind it so much, but as I’m just now coming out of my moving coma, I’m none too happy to be losing an hour. I need all the time I can get, yo!


And as I’m going to lose a much-beloved hour today, I think I’ll have to lay off cleaning the new pad until tomorrow. To be perfectly honest, losing an hour isn’t the primary reason I’m taking a cleaning break. You see, I’ve been scrubbing so much that I’ve lost my fingerprints and my hands are swollen like blown-up rubber gloves. But unlike inflated gloves, my hands aren’t causing any chuckles.


Thus far, I’ve encountered some dirt that’s required a Silkwood shower or two. And I’m guessing there are a few more coming. Friends, I am not a fan of dirt.


Oh well, at least our bed is clean. That counts for quite a lot. I likes my sleepy-time!