So I Went For A Walk…


“Look up at the rooftops
When you’re walking round.
Don’t think for a moment
Of looking down.”

Wings of a Dove by Madness



I needed to take care of some bid-ness at the post office. I also needed to move my body. So I went for a walk.



While I was out, I spotted a magnificent house on an ordinary street. And I thought to myself how the keepers of this home have truly made it their own. Most of us wouldn’t dream of expressing ourselves through our house, as we’d fret too much about the re-sale value or some such. And yet here was this house, on a lovely street, and it’s the only home I bothered to notice. Hmm. I kept walking.



I do my best to keep my head up and to look around when I’m out walking. I don’t want to miss anything! But once in a while, I do look down. And it was during one of those milliseconds that I noticed the inlaid plaque in the sidewalk. I chuckled, and thought about Mister. I’ve never seen the old movie referenced in the plaque. And in all likelihood, I probably won’t. I kept walking.



Eventually, I found myself at a familiar watering hole and ordered a beer and some lunch. I reached out to a friend and she joined me there for some day drinking. And it was lovely. She gave me a lift home and my walking was finished for the day.


Sometimes when you leave your house, you’re looking for something, though you couldn’t say what. And on those occasions, the best you can do is keep your eyes open. You never know what will turn up. Where you’ll turn up. On days like those, I try to just keep moving. To keep walking. To keep looking. It certainly worked for me on that grand day.

Clean Teeth, Then What?



Yesterday I got my teeth cleaned, which I loved, loved, loved! I nearly fell asleep in the dentist’s chair, y’all. I’m ever-so-slightly tweaked that way.


Anyhoo, after I left the dentist’s office and was walking around, I realized I was feeling a bit peckish. I knew of a nice tavern in the area, and my feets led me without hesitation. Once there, I ordered the Epic Brewing Company’s Sour Apple Saison (shown above). It was pretty good. Not quite sour enough for my taste buds, but not too shabby either.



I was about halfway through my lunch and beer when I noticed the chalkboard directly above the bar. I thought the brew I’d chosen had a high alcohol content (8.4%), but then I saw The Bruery Sucre’s ABV was 16.9%! If I’d ordered that one, I’d probably still be there somewhere, sleeping it off.


But my teeth would be clean, so it would be okay.

Day Drinking



My friend Chaska Potter is the one who introduced me to the term “Day Drinking.” The second she said it, I knew it would become a permanent part of my lexicon. And I was right.


What I didn’t know was that it would become a permanent part of my behavior. As it happens, Day Drinking is my favorite way to get my drink on. Having some brews at lunch just sets the tone for a grand rest-of-the-day.


I probably only Day Drink once a week. And that’s plenty. I prefer beer during the day, as liquor knocks me out. I always have a designated driver (or walk), so safety is assured. And let’s face it – one can only Day Drink when work and other commitments aren’t involved.


But when a gal can swing it, Day Drinking is the best! I am definitely a fan.