Crazy for Crafting



Yesterday I pulled out my various paper products and glues and fancy scissors and got down to bid-ness. I make cards. It’s just how I do, and there’s no magic involved. No special skills. It’s just a matter of actually doing it.


As I’m a somewhat anal person (ahem), my crafting supplies are fairly organized and all in one place. That makes it easy on me, which adds to my fun. Make no mistake, friends – being creative is fun! And I super-enjoy getting lost in the meditative bliss of crafting. I highly recommend it.


On the other hand… Once I pull out all my supplies, they must be kept orderly and together or they will slowly take over the house. As I’m not quite as anal a person as I aspire to be (ahem), I do sometimes have to dig myself out of stray paper products. Okay – I often have to do this. And it is during those moments that I feel a bit crazy for ever having started crafting. Like maybe I should just give my money to Hallmark. And not think about people as I hand-make cards for them. And simply enjoy my clutter-free table. And give my fancy scissors away. And…


Who am I kidding? I love crafting! It rules. And I have everything I need.


Except glitter. Hmm… Glitter.

Just Because…



Today is National Just Because Day in America. Why? Just Because.


I’ve decided to pull out my sewing machine and some fabric I’ve had for a while. I also have a couple of pillow forms in my craftin’ cubby. So I’m a-gonna make me some new pillows. Why? Just Because.


And I’m gonna love those pillows, too. Just Because.


By the way, I do not have a Hello Kitty sewing machine, and that’s a darned shame. Why? Just Because.