Garage Finds


The other day I tackled a small area in our garage. By tackle, I mean I cleaned it the hell out. We have a slight hoarder situation going on in there (ahem), and it desperately needs to be resolved. I know this job will take many hours of attention before it’s completed, so my goal is to work only on limited areas at one time. That way I can actually accomplish the cleaning without feeling defeated by it. Prayers and good thoughts are graciously accepted, y’all.


Anyhoo – I cleared out about ten square feet, removing everything from that space so that I could decide what was to be kept and what was to be not kept. During the work, I found some things that had been left here by the previous caregivers. Trash was easy. It went straight into the bin. Other items are not so easy. The first questionable item uncovered was this fabulous vacuum…



It’s gorgeous! But I’m not keeping it. I haven’t even bothered to plug it in to see if it works. It doesn’t matter if it works! It’s gone.


The next thing I came upon was this sweater…



Actually, I found a few articles of clothing. They were tired and dirty, and all of them ended up in the trash. Except this sweater. It’s in with the laundry because I’m gonna wash that sucker and give it a whirl.


After the pile of stuff was out of the space, I found this old calendar tacked to the wall…



For now, it can stay. Not sure why really, but it doesn’t bother me.


Then I uncovered these pic-a-nic baskets…



The big one has service for four inside! These actually belonged to us, but they’ve been buried since we moved, so I forgot they existed. Still, we don’t use them, so they’re outta here.


And then I found something lovely. Something that stirred my heart and made me smile. A pencil sharpener…



Left behind by the previous owners, it is a thing I shall use and love. I can’t explain my adoration of this item, I only know what I feel.


I’m pretty pleased that the only finds I’ve chosen to keep are small (the calendar, the sharpener and the sweater). Everything else has to go. If you’re local and want the baskets (or the Eureka vacuum), let me know and I’ll make sure you get them. Otherwise, out of sight, out of mind.


Cleaning this garage may be the death of me, but I swear I’m gonna get it done. And if I do keel over at the completion of this task, at least I’ll have a clean, tidy garage to die in.

It Takes A Villager



So after the washing machine incident of 20-and-16, I had some clean-up to deal with. There was the not-so-small matter of getting a new washer as well as addressing the load of clothes that had been in the old washer when it decided to fight water with fire. Neither task was enviable, and, as it happened, neither task ended up being too ugly.


I found myself a floor model washer/dryer for half price (yippee!) and it was delivered and installed yesterday. It seems to be quieter than the old one, which is definitely a bonus. I also think it may be more efficient. All in all, I expect to be quite happy with this new washer. Fingers crossed, anyway.


As for the funkified clothes that witnessed the washing machine fire up-close and personal, they needed some attention. I suspected the smokey odor would respond well to a quick rinse. But the bigger problem was the grease that had gotten on some of the clothes. (I think the grease leaked out and somehow got inside the drum when the guts of the machine went ka-put. Ugh.) My friend Nicole texted me to say she’d done a quick online search and thought maybe some good, old-fashioned, dish-washing Dawn would do the trick. I mean, that’s what environmentalists use to clean baby ducks after oil spills, so surely it was worth a try to get some oil spots out of my cute-as-pie summer tops. I mention those cute clothes because I don’t have too many of them. Most of my stuff is utilitarian and more worthy of paint spills. I can’t help it, as I yam what I yam. Anyhoo – I stationed myself and my greasy clothes by the kitchen sink and started spot-cleaning. And you know what? It worked! Every single spot came out with a bit of hand scrubbing. Good old Dawn.


I was a bit stressed about the possibility of losing some of my nice clothes. Fortunately, my friend came through with a solution. I know they say “it takes a village,” but sometimes it only takes a villager.  Lucky for me, I know a few nice villagers, and they’re awesome. Just like my cute-as-pie summer tops.

The View From Here



A lot of adjusting going on here. New digs. New neighborhood. New view.


Mister and I haven’t really acclimated to our new home. I’ve mostly been on cleaning duty, and Mister’s dealing with a work deadline. Our abode isn’t much more than a maze of boxes, and we haven’t seen a lot of each other for quite a while. It’s been challenging. It is challenging. But I know that this too shall pass. Really.


In the meantime, the above photo is part of my new view. The light, the color, the motion – I love all of it. And I’m still not used to the fact that I get to look at this each and every day. That isn’t a bad thing, friends. I mean, I hope I always marvel at the blessing that is the view from here.


Like I said, a lot of adjusting going on here.

Spring Forward



Today marks the first day of Daylight Saving Time. I don’t usually mind it so much, but as I’m just now coming out of my moving coma, I’m none too happy to be losing an hour. I need all the time I can get, yo!


And as I’m going to lose a much-beloved hour today, I think I’ll have to lay off cleaning the new pad until tomorrow. To be perfectly honest, losing an hour isn’t the primary reason I’m taking a cleaning break. You see, I’ve been scrubbing so much that I’ve lost my fingerprints and my hands are swollen like blown-up rubber gloves. But unlike inflated gloves, my hands aren’t causing any chuckles.


Thus far, I’ve encountered some dirt that’s required a Silkwood shower or two. And I’m guessing there are a few more coming. Friends, I am not a fan of dirt.


Oh well, at least our bed is clean. That counts for quite a lot. I likes my sleepy-time!

My Red Couch


This is my red sofa. My very red sofa.


Like all sofas – okay, couches – it needs to be cleaned from time-to-time. As I had forgotten to do this for longer than I can remember, I wasn’t quite prepared for what I found when I recently undertook the job. On the one hand, I should have taken photos. On the other hand, I’m glad I didn’t.


You would not believe what was beneath those cushions. Seriously. It reminded me of the packaging on “Sea Monkeys” when I was a kid. The Couch Critters had set up their own little society in there. One was riding a bicycle. One Couch Critter dude was ogling a Couch Critter hottie. There were mountains, hills, vales, structures…


Okay. I exaggerate. There were no critters. But I did find 3 of the following items: 4 pens, a wooden coaster, $1.87 in loose change, 2 hair bands, a wine cork and a triple-A battery. (You’ll have to guess which items I actually found.) There was also a lot of dirt. My vacuum got quite the workout that day.


No, there were no critters. But if there were such a thing as Couch Critters, I like to think they’d be just as happening as those Sea Monkeys always appeared in the artist’s renderings. And come on – Couch Critters would have to live somewhere, right?


Right. Just not in my couch.