Last week I attended a meeting in a church hall and I swear – I half expected to burst into flames. Of course, I’ve thought that every time I’ve found myself anywhere near a church, and I’m still flame-free, so what do I know? (Hint: The answer is Not Much.)




I passed by this wall, located outside a church. I doubled back so that I could read what people were writing. Some asked for prayers relating to individuals.



Some asked for prayers for the Middle East.



Some asked for prayers relating to jobs.



Someone asked for prayers for her own home.



I read through the entire list and all the requests seemed sincere. I like that. And I like the idea of people from the community stopping by and grabbing a piece of chalk to write their personal requests. I’m quite certain not everyone leaving their mark on this wall attends that church. But, though I’m not sure about this, I think that’s what a church is supposed to be there for – the community.


I didn’t enter the church and I didn’t write a prayer request. It was enough for me to read the requests of others. And as I walked away, not only did I feel gratitude for my life and its blessings, I also found myself saying a few prayers for the folks who’d taken the time to write their requests outside the church. I guess that makes the wall a success.

Happy Easter!



For those of you who will be in church, for those of you who will be searching for beautifully-colored eggs, for those of you who will be at family reunions, for those of you who will be doing absolutely nothing at all…


Happy Easter! It doesn’t matter how you choose to spend your day, just make it a good one. After all, it’s the only April 20th of the entire year.