Last night Mister and I got together with a neighbor to toast new 4-way stop signs on our street corner. And it was lovely.


Our little neighborhood has banded together over the last year or so, as a lot has been going on. We’ve fought city hall together (and lost). We’ve confronted elected officials who’ve forgotten they represent us (and not developers). We’ve even supported one of our own neighbors in joining our local council (and he won). Getting stop signs counts as a success for us. And we know it. So of course it’s worth celebrating.


Mister and I know how good we’ve got it, being part of this neighborhood. All the folks around us lead busy, full lives, so we don’t see one another too often. Maybe that’s why we all like each other when we do get together, if you know what I mean. Good fences, and all that…


I’ll drink to that!

It’s a Wonderful Life



I don’t know how you’ll be spending this last day of the year. I hope that if you look over your shoulder, you’ll see more smiles than sorrow. I also hope you won’t have to go to the extremes of George Bailey and Clarence the Angel (Second Class) in order to find your gratitude for simply being alive.


You matter. Your life matters. The world wouldn’t be nearly so sweet without you in it. It really is a wonderful life.


Cheers to you and yours.