It’s Only Tuesday, Y’all!



Sometimes a girl needs a drank!


Any given day can present a plethora of challenges, and how one responds to said challenges determines not only her mood, but also the mood of those around her. Are you sensing a personal connection from me on this one?


Yes, I have to own my behavior. And for a few days now, I’ve been running around as if the sky has been falling. Sadly, my Chicken Little routine has brought Mister down to my pitiful level. Thankfully, his input finally got through my bird-brain and I’ve started to regain some freakin’ perspective. The sky isn’t falling. In fact, it’s sunny and breezy. And life is pretty danged sweet.


As it’s only Tuesday (and morning to boot), I’m going to press the pause button on my thirst and wait until the weekend. When it gets here, I look forward to sipping something as scrumptious as the drink in the above photo. And I also look forward to toasting a blessed life. With Mister.


Only a few days to go…