National Martini Day



Yes! A fake holiday I can really support. Finally!


It’s National Martini Day, friends. (It’s also Father’s Day and tonight is Game 7 of the NBA Finals. And it’s Juneteenth, as well as World Sauntering Day. But I digress.) While I am all for celebrating a variety of things – historic and otherwise – I am super-for celebrating with a martini in my hand.


And so I shall. Cheers, y’all!

Celebrating Love



Today is the birthday of the love of my life. And I get to celebrate it. Him. Love.


I’d like to say Mister and I are still in the first half of our lives, but the truth is – we can’t know. We may be, sure. But maybe not. And because I am aware of that (which I certainly wasn’t when I was younger), I appreciate each birthday, each anniversary, each celebration. And heaven knows – I appreciate Mister.


So today I wish him a happy birthday and I send him love. I know I’ll be celebrating with him, but I still wish good things for him. Now, and always.

4 Parties, 3 Days, 2 People, 1 Crazy Weekend



Well I don’t know how we did it, but somehow Mister and I survived the weekend.


The partying began on Friday evening. We found ourselves at a gorgeous soiree in the Hollywood Hills. Yes – the hosts were gracious. Yes – there was plenty of food, drink and entertainment (an a capella group performed). Yes – the guests were fun. But the house. The house! As I understand it, the home once belonged to Howard Hughes. It has been redone, of course, and it is probably the most opulent abode I’ve ever had the privilege to visit. That party was a sophisticated start to the weekend and I had a swell time.




On Saturday, Mister and I attended our neighborhood block party. We happen to live in a friendly, social area of L.A. And our neighbors love a good get-together, as do we. So a good get-together was had. The party was only slated to last a couple of hours, but when the appointed end time arrived, the joint was packed and folks were still arriving. After the previous late night, I was running on fumes. So Mister walked me home and we went to bed at such an early hour, I’m embarrassed to even tell you. So I won’t. But I will say this – I must’ve needed all that sleep and I’m mighty grateful to have gotten it.


On Sunday, there was a cookie party that started in the afternoon. I had handled my baking duties the day before, so I was able to simply show up and hang out. The majority of the guests were comics, so my time there was spent laughing and having fun. And I could have kept the good times rolling, but Mister and I were due at one more party that night. So I said my good-byes at the cookie party, then headed to the home of friends for a full-on holiday shindig. And shindig we did. Food, drink, laughs, more food, more drinks, more laughs… That party was the perfect bow tied around the weekend. And Mister and I were sufficiently exhausted when we hugged our friends goodbye at the end of the night.



I’m not gonna lie. This weekend wore me out. And I had so much fun! But I can’t keep that pace up throughout the rest of the holidays. I’m too old for this kind of celebrating. Partying is hard work, y’all.

Ready to Party?



It’s Cinco de Mayo, people. And for just about everybody and their cousins in my neck of the country, that means it’s time to party.


This particular “holiday” hasn’t grabbed me yet. I’m not terribly surprised, as I have no real history with it. Let’s face it – history alone is enough to push some of us to maintain traditions, even when certain days have no real meaning for us. Easter? For me that means eating ham. St. Patrick’s Day? For me that means eating corned beef and Irish soda bread.


Wait a minute. It would seem certain days only warrant circling on my calendar when food is involved. Hmm. So why isn’t Cinco de Mayo more important? I mean, I love Mexican food. Eat it all the time and…


Ah. That’s it. I don’t need a particular day to trigger my eating of Mexican food, as it’s consumed pretty regularly. Other foods – like ham and corned beef – are not so common for me. And frankly, I don’t need an excuse to drink beer. So no-thank-you, Corona. I’ll pass.


But hey – if you’re partying on this 5th of May, enjoy the heck out of yourself, will ya? And enjoy those chips and salsa. (Do yourself a favor and put out a bowl of sour cream next to that salsa. Great addition!) Maybe have a taco or two. (I’m partial to lingua or carnitas.) And maybe don’t drive drunk, um-kay? Some of us are rather keen on staying alive. I mean, we’ve got Armed Forces Day to celebrate in a couple of weeks, for cry-eye.

Your Call



Whether or not you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day… Whether or not you’re celebrating Black Saturday… Whether or not you’re celebrating anything at all…


Have a fan-tab-u-lous day! Valentine’s, Gal-en-tine’s or Bal-en-times – it’s all good.




Big goings-on here in America. Independence. Fireworks. Beer.


However you celebrate today, let’s all try to end up with the same number of fingers as we woke with, shall we? Safety, y’all. Safety.


And Independence. Fireworks. Beer.

Happy Easter!



Easter makes me think of Spring. I am reminded of azaleas and dogwoods, daffodils and crocuses. And thinking of these things makes me very, very happy.


Even if you don’t celebrate Easter, I hope you find a little space to celebrate Spring. It’s sprung, people. And it’s beautiful.