Yesterday I spent quite a bit of time priming a rumpus room cabinet for painting. I’ve got nothing against the current finish – stained yellow wood – it just doesn’t quite go with the built-ins by the fireplace, which are white. As Mister and I have a lot of color in our house, white cabinets are neutral and won’t compete.


Anyhoo – I was priming away and before I knew it, hours had passed. My shoulders were achy from reaching up (the cabinet is connected to the ceiling) and I was a bit tired. But you know the best part? Aside from getting the whole thing primed, inside and out? I was completely chill. The focus on the priming served as meditation and left me with a still mind, in a lovely state of calm.


Many of us spend so much time on our computers that we forget what it’s like to perform manual labor. It’s really not bad, I swear. If the smile on my face is any testament, it’s downright healthy even. I like to think so anyway. Of course, all I did was prime one small cabinet. I still have to paint the thing and prime and paint the larger cabinets around the corner. I’ll get back to you after those tasks, to let you know if my sunny disposition is still intact.


I’m not making any promises.

That Was Unexpected



Earlier this week, Mister and I woke to find water in our rumpus room. You may not be aware of this, but water does not belong in our rumpus room. Turned out our water heater had bitten the dust.


I didn’t freak out. Maybe I’m really growing up, because I am surprised by this, y’all. We just grabbed some towels, cleaned up the mess, made some calls and took care of bid-ness. Go figure.


I continue to be amazed by the moments in life where I just deal with it. No drama. No frenzy. Just bang it out and move on. I didn’t know I had it in me to do that, but clearly, I do.


All is well now, and Mister and I are back to warm showers. (We will not be joining a Polar Bear Club any time soon, thank-you-very-much.) That scene was barely a blip on the radar. If this is growing up, I hope to stay on the path. Calm is a beautiful thing.