Heavy Telly



My telly watching has seen an emotional couple of days – Sunday night’s “Game of Thrones” and the season finale of “Call the Midwife,” which I watched last night.


I’m okay with emotional television. I’ll take that over flat-line shows any day. But I guess I’ve gotten used to being able to sense when the old heartstrings are about to be tugged. That gives a gal a chance to prepare, if only a little. But the two shows I watched the last few days, well, I didn’t see it coming.


I am a girl who wears her heart on her sleeve, I know and freely admit. Still, these fine shows (and two of my faves, opposite ends of the spectrum, though they may be) really brought it and wrenched me apart this week.


And I am heartbroken.

Monkey On My Back




I have professed my love for the BBC show “Call the Midwife” in a previous post. My friend Betro turned me on to that show and I ought to buy her a cookie for it. Based on real stories from the memoirs of Jennifer Worth, the show originally ran for 3 seasons. As I understand it, that was supposed to be it. But the ratings were phenomenal and the public were clamoring for more. So the Beeb commissioned another season, and the producer(s) obliged.


I’ve been watching each week’s episode with intense adoration. And while I do feel there’s a slight difference in the stories from the original source material, I’m still a fan.


Cut to yesterday. I had the show on in the background, trying to get some things done while keeping up with my story. Y’all – before I knew what was happening, I was sobbing (sobbing!) and had to sit myself down. Damn those midwives and nuns of Nonnatus House! They got me again. Hard.


On a tangential note – I’m thinking that if I ever get a dog I’m gonna name it Chummy. Thoughts?

D-Squared T-Squared – Week 42



As Mister’s been neck-deep in a work project that’s keeping him at the office all the flippin’ time, I’ve been left to my own devices of late. Sure – that means all the “Call the Midwife” I can handle, but it also means creative endeavors are solo. So I’ve been working on some paintings.


What you see above is something in process. I feel a nice momentum going at this point and I sincerely hope to finish the bugger before year’s end. I am terribly slow, y’all. My painter buddies make fun of me and have teased me, saying I should look to 2015 to finish this one. But I’m feeling the groove. I think I can wrap it up. My fingers are crossed anyway.


And as for what it will be when it is finally finished, well, you’ll just have to wait and see…

Cruising With The Top Down



I was answering an email the other day and my response to the question of how I’m doing included these lines: “I’m doing well. I think. You know how life is. Sometimes you’re cruising with the top down, only to find out later your scalp is sunburned.”


After I wrote those words, I thought about them a while. I hate to admit it, but I think my response was apt. I mean, looking back I can see times when I’ve  had a perfectly lovely spell, only to have been pulled out of my happy place and tossed into joyless chaos – by something that shouldn’t have affected me so severely. What’s worse, I’ve allowed those sky-is-falling moments to negate any happiness I might have actually felt, before the crazies set in.


I’m not saying shit doesn’t hit the fan. It most assuredly does. (Makes me think of an old-timey ad: “Shit! Not just for the garden, it’s also for the fan!”) I guess the part I don’t like is when good stuff is smothered under the weight of bad stuff. When I don’t recognize happiness in the moment. That seems a shame, doesn’t it?


After I ruminated on my email response, I decided to enjoy the rest of the evening. I had a pile of ironing to do. And there was laundry, too. But there was also wine. And “Call The Midwife” on Netflix. It was a pretty good night. And I knew it.

“When My Soul Went Questing…”



I just finished season 2 of “Call the Midwife.” The final episode of said season ended with the line, “When my soul went questing…” Through tears, I thought about the power of those words and how utterly beautiful they are.


A few days ago I finished reading The Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert. Her writing is gorgeous and I respect her research so much. I never doubt the world she creates for her readers. This book did not disappoint, and its main character, “Alma,” absolutely floored me with her own soul quests.


Last week my Rock Camp buddy Marin and I went to see Lucinda Williams at The Grammy Museum. Most of the evening was devoted to an interview with Ms. Williams. At the end of the interview, a microphone was passed around for questions from the floor. Ms. Williams, in response to one attendee’s question, said that all the talent in the world won’t amount to much without Drive to back it up. She said Drive is responsible for most successes, not merely talent. She even pointed out that a lot of talentless people attain tremendous success – through quests fueled by Drive.


It occurs to me that all of these things are connected. The timing of my experiencing them isn’t lost on me, either. And I love that. I love that the Universe saw fit to beat me over the head – in one week – with the importance of living one’s life on purpose. And if I’m wrong about that, well, at least I’ve been mightily entertained.


Just in case I’m right, I do believe today is a good day to wrap my heart around intent. And to push – as hard as I can – in whatever direction it takes me. It’s a good day for a Soul to go Questing…

Monkey Midwifery



I recently shared my new obsession with my new favorite show, “Call the Midwife.” I’ve finished watching season 1 and will start a new season soon. It’s still new to me and the new adoration I feel for this show is newly wonderful. Now, for some news!


This week I read a story about – for reals – Monkey Midwifery. It would seem this sort of behavior is incredibly rare. And by this sort of behavior I mean a monkey acting as a midwife to another monkey. You can read the story here, and it’s fascinating. I’m not sure if reincarnation exists, but if it does, I’d say that monkey midwife is looking at a higher rung on the ladder next go-round.


In the meantime, my fingers are crossed for an as-yet-to-be-made Animal Planet drama: “Call the Monkey Midwife!” Sounds catchy, don’t you think?





I am new to binge-watching TV. Mister introduced me to this when the second season of “House of Cards” was released all at once. But that was my only experience with binge-watching.


Until last night. I had lunch with Betro and she told me about a BBC show, “Call the Midwife.” Mister was out at a dinner last night, so I thought I’d give the show a chance. By the time he walked through the door, I was finishing up episode 4 of the first season. I am like a catfish on the bayou – hooked.


I’ll likely tone down my watching going forward, and that’s okay. As “Call the Midwife” is a British show, there will probably be only a few seasons to get through. That’s okay, too. But I sure did enjoy mainlining those 4 episodes last night. Hats off to Betro for sharing.