Cactus Conundrum No More



So I consulted with the interwebz and a few real, live folks and decided to go ahead and plant that danged cactus I wrote about a couple of days ago. I went all xeriscape  on this little planter and I’m pretty pleased with the results. My intentions are to tackle other small garden areas in a similar fashion, and to use the same materials around other drought-tolerant plants. My fingers are crossed. So are my toes, and my legs and my eyes.


As for this little area, I admit to seeing a lot of flaws. The retaining wall is stained (though I did try to clean it). The fence needs serious repair. Everything in the area should be painted. But you know what? I still like it, imperfect as it is. And to me, it’s pretty and ready for summer.


I sure do hope the cactus survives. I’d like to see it blooming again.


Night Bloomer



Mister and I got home late one night and we happened to look over at the cactus by the back door. It had popped!


Apparently, the old gal is a night bloomer. She showed off when the moon was high, and we were there to witness her grandeur.


I’d like to put her in the ground, somewhere near the front of the house, but I’m afraid I’d miss these moments. Where she blooms now, I’m able to enjoy her performances. I’ll have to think about this one…

Another Chance



Remember when I posted the above photo and shared how I’d missed my opportunity to take an awesome pic of the cactus flower at the new pad? Well, that cactus done gone and went and give me a second chance…



Actually, she’s got 9 (!) buds on her, so I’m blessed with multiple chances.


I love how gorgeous the flowers are. How something so soft and lovely springs forth from something so hard and prickly. The juxtaposition of those two forms gives me the smilies, I tell ya!


Mister and I are enjoying these cactus flowers as much as possible. We know they won’t last and we want to appreciate them while we may. Apparently, the bees know these flowers won’t last, as well. It would seem we’re all getting our fill…


Dreamed I Saw a Desert Rose…



Only I didn’t. It wasn’t a desert rose I saw at all. It was a cactus flower.


The bud showed up without any fanfare, and it was quick. This is my first go-round with a cactus, so I’m Schultz-y on this one: I know nothing. The bud was sizable, and extended straight out of the side of the cactus, several feet below the top. I thought it would take several days to pop.


And then the danged thang just exploded, that very evening. I thought it would last a while, so I just marveled and let it be. There would be plenty of time for photos, right?


Wrong. That beauty of a flower had her one full day (and night) and then began to hide herself away. And that was it. She had made her debut and taken her final bow, all in the same evening. Astounding.


I’m glad I managed to catch it. Glad I opened my eyes and looked. Glad I saw.


What a beauty.