Sweet Fancy Moses



You ever have a weekend that’s so jam-packed with activities that you need another weekend just to recover? I just had one of those. And it was fabulous. And exhausting. And fun. And draining. And memorable. And it severely affected my sleep time.


But you know what they say – there’s no rest for the wicked. So I’ll just have to recover incrementally, if at all. And that’s okay. Because life is busy sometimes. Busy and beautiful.

Full Swing



It’s only the first weekend of December and I’m utterly astounded at how much we’re able to fit in! Seriously – how is your calendar looking? There’s so much ink on mine – I can hardly read the dates.


I sound like I’m complaining, but I’m really not. I’m just amazed is all. And you know what we’re gonna do? We’re gonna rise to the danged occasion(s) and see it all through! Personally, I’ve got a grand ugly holiday sweater – just waiting to be worn and worn and worn. If you see me in that particular finery, be sure to honk and wave. And it’s perfectly okay to laugh, as well.

Social Muscles



We love friends. We do. And for the most part, we love socializing. But sometimes, all the socializing with friends can be a bit overwhelming. I mean, when you find yourself booked for 3 days straight, aren’t you just jonesing for a night at home?


I don’t know what to tell you, but Mister & I have been busy, busy, busy of late. And though we love, love, love our friends, I get tired, y’all. I do. Can’t help it. It seems that during the social season we are committed beyond the bounds.


And just when I think I can’t handle it, a friend reaches out and invites us to something like, I don’t know, a backyard movie night. And do you know what happens? I ache to be there. Because I love those people. And it doesn’t matter if I was just out until 2 in the morning, because these people are so completely fabulous that I absolutely thank the gods for my having been invited in the first place. It is twisted, I tell you. And beautiful.


So I stretch my social muscles and show the hell up. Times ten. And do you know what happens? I get tired, yes. But I also laugh and enjoy myself more than I imagined I could.


Sometimes, just seeing the faces of the friends we love is enough to cause our hearts to skip a beat. I am beyond grateful.

Busy Does Not Equal Productive



Over this past weekend, it occurred to me that I may be the world’s least productive busy person.


I was trying to catch up on the multitude of emails in my inbox. (Some are over a month old.) As I tried to explain my tardy responses, I realized I don’t have a single good excuse for not being more prompt. My friends may or may not accept my reason, but the truth is this: I keep busy while accomplishing very little.


I’m not bragging, people. I’m not proud. I don’t really understand how I became the world’s least productive busy person, but now that I know, something must be done about it.  And that’s on me to figure out.


I know I’m not lazy. Far from it. I think I just need to be better-focused. I think I need to be a lot better-focused. And probably a whole lot more.


Wish me luck.

So Much To Do, So Little Time



Have you ever found yourself with a load of ironing to do, along with packing to move, cleaning your new-to-you abode, wondering what the heck to have for dinner, trying to find a reasonably-priced storage space, hoping someone will rescue all your potted plants, squeezing in as much Olympics action as possible, praying for a good joke so that you can laugh, getting rid of about a jillion condiments in the fridge because it’s time, deciding what to keep and what to donate from your closet AND remembering that life is good and all this is just part of life?


Oh. I guess that’s just me…