Baker Jen



I saw Baker Jen a few nights ago. She made a killer dinner of BBQ brisket. It about made me pass out, it was so good. Then she over-stuffed me at the end of the night with bo-licious banana bread. And let’s not even mention the beer. Stout, anyone?


Anyhoo… Baker Jen sent me home with some leftovers for Mister. That guy has been snarfing the brisket and banana bread like nobody’s bidness. As of last night, it’s all finally gone. Happily.


So to Baker Jen, super-duper thanks! You rule! Mister thanks you! I thank you! For reals! We salute you!

“Texas Best” BBQ – in NoHo



I saw it about a month ago. Being a BBQ fan, I knew I wanted to test-drive the joint. A friend got there before me, and told me they serve a ridiculous amount of chow. I trust her, but really, how much is too much?


A few nights ago I was left to fend for myself. I cruised to North Hollywood and stopped in at “Texas Best BBQ.” I ordered the small combination, to go. As I watched the BBQ dude pack up my dinner, I thought he must have misheard my order. I didn’t correct him, and was prepared to pay for the large plate. But when he handed me the bag, he said I only owed $15. He hadn’t misheard me at all.


Friends, this place serves pretty good Q. No, the brisket didn’t remind me of any I’ve had in Texas, but it was still pretty good. Especially for North Hollywood. The pork ribs were alright, too. The slaw is typical, as in it tastes like most slaw. The mac and cheese was down-home good, to boot. I’m glad I liked it, as I ate it for 2 more meals over the next couple of days!


So if you’re a carnivore and find yourself cruising NoHo, ask your phone to find “Texas Best BBQ” for you. But be prepared – the small combination weighs about 5 pounds. For reals, y’all.