Christmas All Over Again



I recently mentioned that Mister and I are finally unpacking some boxes, nearly a year after moving into the new abode. Through this task, I am beginning to understand something very important: not all boxes are created equally.


When I opened boxes containing bowls and coffee cups, I got all smiley. By the time I got to the boxes of Mister’s parents wedding china, well, I was a giggling fool. I understand my appreciation of the china. It has history and it’s beautiful. I also understand gratitude for the extra coffee cups. Since I only operate the dishwasher once every few days – when it’s full – I sometimes run out of coffee cups. The extras will make a big difference on that front. But the bowls? The IKEA bowls? They should produce absolutely no joy in Mudville, and yet they do! What can I say? I’m a dork. A very simple dork.


It’s funny how we all have our things that make us happy. What spins my wheels may bore the stuffing out of you, and vicey versey. And that’s okay. I suppose it’s a blessing just to have one’s wheels spun in the first place. (By the way, what things do you have that make you smile? Just curious.)


For now, I’m overjoyed to have a few more dishes in the cupboards. To quote Jack Osbourne (something I do all the danged time): “It’s the little things, Kelly.”

Amember This?




This is a photo from our most recent move. Amember it?


Well the desert POD is gone now, and I no longer straddle two abodes. Everything Mister and I own is in one location and all that stuff is crying out to be dealt with. It wakes me from my sleep. It robs me of my afternoons. I step over and around it. I trip over it. Sometimes I just have to walk away from it.


We’re getting through it, one box at a time, friends. One box at a time. And when we are through it, I’ll be so happy to never mention it again. Promise.


Shouldn’t take more than a few years.