This Is What 50 Looks Like



Today is my birthday. And I’m 50. As I recently snapped the above photo, I’m gonna say it counts toward what my being 50 looks like.


I can’t speak for others, but I’m feeling pretty good. Thankfully, this round-numbered birthday hasn’t brought me any undue anxiety or worry. Am I in awe? Yes, I am. I mean, half a century! Wow! There was a time when I doubted if I’d make it out of my teens with a pulse, so hitting the big 5-0 is a surprise.


I’ve done a lot of looking back in recent weeks, and I’ve come to this singular conclusion: it’s been quite a life. Even with the downturns and down times, it’s been a gift. I’m kind of amazed at the amount of love and joy I’ve been allotted. And I’m grateful.


This morning will see me getting my annual birthday doughnut. I’ve got too much work to tend during the day. Then we’ll see what Mister has planned for supper. That guy. He may be the biggest part of what has made this life of mine worth living and recounting.


If anyone is wanting to send birthday wishes my way, I ask that you do so by enjoying your own life. Please live joyfully! The world needs all the love and positive energy you and I can muster. It echoes. I swear it does.


Happy Birthday to me. Love, me.

Heads or Tails



Today is World Pasta Day and I’d like to celebrate that, as I really love me some pasta.


Today is also my Patty’s birthday and I’d like to celebrate that, as I really love me some Patty. And some cake.


Tonight is the first game of the World Series. I’d like to root, root, root for the Cleveland Indians, as they’ve been my team for over 20 years. Then again, I’d like to root, root, root for the Chicago Cubs, because come on! Who doesn’t love the Cubbies?


If I were a better me, I’d make a damned decision and stick with it. I could at least flip a coin or something. But I’m not a better me. I’m a me me. That probably means I’ll end up eating nachos, forgetting to call Patty, and go to painting class and miss the first game of the World Series altogether.


Note to self: get your shit together, girl! Dag!

I’ve Got a Tiger By The Tail



Today is Buck Owens’ birthday (which should explain this post’s title). That alone is something for me to pause and think about. But there’s more! Today is also Mark Knopfler’s birthday, and Kid Creole’s. It’s also Pat Metheny’s birthday, as well as Sir Mix-a-Lot’s. Coincidence? I think not.


I have a sneaking suspicion that I’ll be listening to all of those dudes’ music at some point today. And that is gonna be alright.

Celebrating Love



Today is the birthday of the love of my life. And I get to celebrate it. Him. Love.


I’d like to say Mister and I are still in the first half of our lives, but the truth is – we can’t know. We may be, sure. But maybe not. And because I am aware of that (which I certainly wasn’t when I was younger), I appreciate each birthday, each anniversary, each celebration. And heaven knows – I appreciate Mister.


So today I wish him a happy birthday and I send him love. I know I’ll be celebrating with him, but I still wish good things for him. Now, and always.

My Party’s Over



For the entire month of March, I was celebrating my birthday. For reals. I wasn’t extravagant or anything, but I lived the month with a sense of personal joy. About me! And you know what? I had a good time!


I was going over all the things I got for myself and realized I absolutely scored! I got a new bike seat cover, pajamas, a couple of tops, a pair of jeans and sandals. I got a haircut and bought myself a CD. And when I went in for my birthday doughnut, the nice lady there gave me 2 extra. And y’all have got to know I sat down with my coffee and ate all 3 of those doughnuts. Yeah – March ruled for me.


But now it’s April. And it’s time to celebrate birthdays of others. Like Tim. And Roman. And Taylor and Mister. And John and Rae, and Emma and Brennan. And Caroldyne and Sam. And Ben and Rhys. And I guarantee there are others I’m forgetting. But they’re all worth celebrating, each and every one.


I hope they try celebrating their birthdays all month, if only within themselves. It sure can give you a boost. I should know. After 31 days, my party’s finally over and I’m feeling fine.

Thursday Memories



This photo was taken a long, long time ago. When I was young. Not just young-er, mind you, but truly, actually young.


When I look at that girl, living that previous life, I am amazed she survived. Happy for her, too. And though I recognize her, I am not her. Not anymore.


Today I am older. A whole year older, in fact, as today is my birthday. And though I have more wrinkles than the kid in the photo above, I also have more good memories. More to smile about. More love than I ever thought imaginable. I think that counts for a whole lot.


Here’s to another year. And hopefully another. And another. And…

My Hero



Today is the birthday of the one and only Kate Bush. Because her artistry has meant so much to me, and continues to amaze and influence me, I wish her the very best birthday ever. With all my heart…

Love That Guy!



I’ve used the above photo when posting about Mister and his birthday, and I just keep coming back to it. Why? Because I love that guy, that’s why!


Life dips and swirls, zigs and zags, and still I look for Mister and there he is. He’s a constant, gratefully, and I simply cannot imagine my world without him. I think if I even tried, I’d cry my eyes out.


But that’s downer talk! Today I’m thinking upper thoughts! For I am celebrating that be-dimpled, blue-eyed kid in the photo above. Another birthday. And I get to share it. Today life is swizzling!

To Me



I had all these great post ideas. Posts about houses with fake grass for siding. Posts about monkfish liver. Posts about cheap furniture stores. But those ideas will have to wait, for today is my birthday. And today – against my nature – I’m celebrating me.


You see,  believe it or not, I struggle with being the center of attention. I could go into the details (gleaned from years of therapy), but I won’t. The fact of the matter is – I struggle with the spotlight. I’m working on it. Baby steps, you know?


Anyhoo, today I’m sending myself birthday wishes. To me. It may be a small step, but it’s a step, y’all.


I’ll take it.




Today is my friend Gwendlyn’s birthday.


It’s hard for me to put into words how amazing she is. But let me try…


She is a tremendous source of light in the Universe. Her soul is an inspiration. I aspire to her levels of curiosity and wonder. She has been there through laughter, and she’s been there through tears. I know from experience that when I reach out my hand, she is there to take it. And because I love her so, I pray I am there should she reach out to me.


Loving another person is a beautiful thing. I am blessed to love Gwendlyn. So very, very blessed.


Happy Birthday, Gwendlyn! Here’s to a beautiful year!