With Bells On


With Bells On


The season continues, as do I. To boost my own spirits, I’ve attached some bells to my old (old) army boots. The jingle-jangle of each step brings joy to my soul.


There’s no tree at our house this year. About the only things signifying the holidays are the cards on the mantel. Those and the array of colorful cans from the Beer Advent Calendar. Just last night I pointed out to Mister how the mantel area has become quite the mix of sophistication, quirk and frat house. Some things just leave a gal shaking her head.


Anyhoo – if you see me out in the world over the next couple of weeks, keep an ear open. I may very well have shown up with bells on. I do love to jingle-jangle.

One Beer in My Pocket


One Beer in My Pocket


This is what happens when you don’t plan your walk, people. You end up standing before a fancy, new beer fridge, 5 miles from home, and there’s a limited release just calling your name. And even though you’d super-like to pop the top and enjoy it there (where it’s not only allowed, but encouraged), you don’t – because you know you’ve surely got some drinking ahead of you. Not to mention Day 7 of your beer advent calendar. And you’ve still got to get home. Dag.


I believe this falls under the heading of first-world problems. I am grateful.

Beer Advent Calendar!


Beer Advent


New month, people. Here at the homestead, that means a beer a day!


When I spotted this beer advent calendar, my soul would not allow me to walk away. So I bought it and now Mister and I get to drink our way through it.


I would like to thank the baby Jesus for getting born and all, so that advent calendars exist. Hallelujah, peace be unto you and namaste bitches!