True Confessions



So. At the risk of embarrassing myself beyond recovery, I want to share something with you. I understand this may affect your judgment of me and, well, that may be something I have to accept. Here goes. I didn’t shower yesterday. Instead, I had a pool bath.


It happens. Some days I end up in that pool for an hour, treading water, and by the time my prune-y body climbs out, I’m so waterlogged that a shower is the last thing on my mind. And really, I feel clean on those days. I don’t stink. (I know this because I am obsessed with odors.) And after all that movement in the water, there’s no visible surface dirt to be found. I feel clean, so I think I am.


I know someone (who shall remain nameless) who once told me she’s gone a full month without bathing inside the house. She said pool baths are her favorite way to go in the summer. I didn’t hold that against her or anything, but I also knew I couldn’t take her path. A full month? My fear of germs can tolerate a pool bath here and there, but not a whole summer. Jeez.


Anyhoo – if you must judge me, go ahead. Honestly, it won’t change things on my end. As long as that pool is part of my routine, which I hope it will be for another couple of months, the occasional pool bath will be part of my routine, too. And I’m gonna love it.

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