Two days ago I was driving through Holly-weird and passed The Magic Castle. As I inched along in afternoon traffic, I thought about how much I liked that place the one time I was there and how I’d relish the opportunity to go back for another outing. When I woke the next morning, I had a message from a friend, inviting me to – you guessed it – The Magic Castle. I started typing a response, saying how busy I was and that even though I’d like to go, I needed to focus on getting some work done.


And then I thought about how amazing it was that I had just wished for something specific and life had delivered. I mean, come on! That’s incredible! Is this happening all the time? Or was it a one-off? Am I a beneficiary of coincidence? Or am I one powerful chick?


Still working on my response, I erased what I’d typed and instead sent my friend a note saying I’d love to go with her to The Magic Castle. And so last night I did.


When you ask for magic and you get it, perhaps the best response is to simply say Thank You.