I hope I don’t get in trouble for this post, as I didn’t ask permission…


Someone I adore recently told me about a temporary tattoo she sometimes gives herself. She draws it on with a Sharpie and it serves no public purpose. I’m guessing it isn’t seen by anyone other than herself. Creative soul that she is, the temp tat is her own design, and within it she includes the letters J-F-T. They stand for “Just For Today.” As it was explained to me, that notion can apply to anything, such as Just For Today – I won’t eat sugar; or Just For Today – I won’t look ahead. She didn’t tell me the origins of the tattoo or how long she’s been using it as a tool.


After this dear soul shared her practice with me, I sort of filed it away. I didn’t think I’d come back to it, but I did. And the more I’ve turned it over in my head, the more I like it. There’s something about focusing on the here and now – and not on the faraway – that appeals to me. Truth is, I can’t really see beyond a few steps ahead. Yet keeping my eyes trained on the immediate is a gift I rarely give myself. Like a lot of people, I aim toward The Big Picture (whatever that is). Unfortunately, that means the details of any given day are often neglected. And friends, Life is made up entirely of Details.


So I’m thinking of stealing my dear sweet’s idea. I probably won’t apply any ink to my person, temporary or otherwise. But I’m thinking if I can remember – and that’s a big if – to look at the short 24 hours before me, I may be able to pull off a goal or two. Or not. But at least I’ll be more present in my life. At least I’ll be more mindful. At least…

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