Fave Links

These are some of my favorite sites:

Use Real Butter    I am goo-goo for this gal’s recipes! She sounds like an interesting lady, and that’s putting it mildly.

Wendy Brazill   Wendy’s art brings something to my very core. Something calming. Something grounding. I am proud to know her and her work.

Edward Walton Wilcox    Edward is one of my favorite artists. His work has a dark edge, but his soul is nothing but light.

Endless British Pub Crawl   This one’s different. I never know what to expect from this dude. I read it regularly. Beer. Food. Life. Word.

Epicurious    This is one of my main resources for recipes. And I usually only look at “4 Forks” entries. Why not eat the best?

Rock Camp for Girls Los Angeles    I’ve volunteered with this organization since its first year. It’s the most fun ever!

A Phrase a Week    I’ve been getting updates from this Englishman for years and he never ceases to enlighten. If you love language, check out his site.