The Container Yard Outside Art by Sek


Kyle Korver is an NBA player for the Utah Jazz, a white player. He recently wrote a piece for The Players’ Tribune, titled “Privileged.” If you’ve not read it, the link is here. And yes – I think you should read it.


I could go on and on about the piece, about my thoughts and feelings on the subject matter, but I won’t. Korver’s thoughts and feelings are expressed honestly. The man speaks truth.


May we all learn to listen.

You Can’t Make Everyone Happy


You're Not a Taco


New month. Same me.


That’s okay. Today I’m meditating on the fact that I can’t make everyone happy. Sometimes that may mean I can’t quite make me happy. At my best, I can ride out those times until a different day comes along and I am able to cajole myself to joy. Those days truly are the best.


For now, for today, I will do my best to simply be. To try to enjoy friends and loved ones. To see art and to let it wash over me. And maybe, just maybe, to have a taco. Tacos really are pretty freaking perfect.